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How to avoid contamination in a food room?

Avoiding contamination in a cutting room is essential to ensure the safety of the foodstuffs being processed. Both the proliferation of certain micro-organisms and cross-infection are risks that must be avoided. To do so, there are a number of good practices that must be applied. Hand hygiene is one of the main ones, but not

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The top hand disinfection systems

Hand disinfection systems in the food industry are essential to prevent cross-contamination and to keep microorganisms away from food. Frequent hand washing, using the right products, is the best way to ensure food safety and food security. The importance of hand and footwear disinfection The two most common vehicles for the transfer of micro-organisms to

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Roser Group, experts in the manufacture of hygiene station

Safety and hygiene in the food sector have had a development since the application of strict protocols and the use of technology in the food chain. Roser Group has been a direct witness and protagonist of this development from day one. Nowadays, it is still one of the experts in the manufacture of hygiene stations

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