At ROSER GROUP we are specialized in the manufacture and supply of machinery and equipment for the food sector and specifically the meat sector. Since the beginning of our activity, more than 60 years ago, we have worked in constant evolution to offer you a complete range of machines and equipment for this type of installation.

Our robust and functional lines are designed under the strictest hygiene and safety regulations. And thanks to our experience in this line, we manufacture top quality equipment with the maximum guarantees, complying with all international standards.

Meat mixers
Frozen Block Breaker
Marinated meat brine draining tumbler
Bin Hoists / Column Dumpers for 120 and 200 litres bin
Brine preparation tanks
Multi-moulds systems
Depósitos para preparación de salmuera para la industria alimentaria - Roser Group
Brine preparation tanks
Industrial Bowl cutters
Continuous vacuum fillers
High pressure brine injectors
Machinery for cured ham
Needle cleaning machine - Needle care
Meat tenderizer/macerator - slicer 500/700
Sausage peeler
Industrial meat grinders
Multi-moulds systems
Meat tenderizer/macerator - slicer 500/700
Marinating vacuum tumblers
Industrial cooking kettles
ndustrial meat grinders