Integrated hygiene station SANICOMPACT 9KJ Cod. RA00002880
Integrated hygiene station SANIECO WD PLUS Cod. RA00002879
Integrated hygiene station SANIECO PLUS Cod. RA00002891
Integrated hygiene station MHS-5 LS Cod. MHS-5 LS
Integrated hygiene station MHS-5 LZ Cod. MHS-5 LZ
Boot washer, automatic with 3 brushes Cod. 27083
Sole-washer with manual brush for boots Cod. 29748
Boot washer, manually operated Cod. 3663
Modular hygiene station with turnstile SANIECO Cod. 12066 / 12068
Sole-Washer walk-through hygiene system Cod. 11741
Shoes washer walk-through system Cod. 12988
Automatic boot washer LB 1200 – Walk-through systems for washing of boots and soles Cod. 12480
Integrated hygiene station MHS-5 Cod. MHS-5
Module/Unit to wash top ends of shoes Cod. 12041
Footbath for shoes desinfecion Cod. 378
Integrated hygiene station SANICOMPACT Cod. 29797
Modular hygiene station MHS-4 Cod. MHS-4
Integrated hygiene station MHS-5 LB Cod. MHS-5 LB
Turnstile door for access control, wall mounted Cod. 29099
Turnstile door for access control Cod. 29791
Footbath for shoes disinfection Cod. 12064
Automatic Hand sanitizer DUOMANS Cod. 29790
Integrated hygiene station DUOMANS PLUS Cod. 10278
Modular hygiene station MHS-2 Cod. MHS-2
Modular hygiene station MHS-3 Cod. MHS-3
Integrated hygiene station SANIECO Cod. 11742
Modular hygiene station SANIECO Cod. 12065 / 12067
Hygiene station DUOCLEAN PLUS Cod. 1721
Hygiene station SANICLEAN PLUS Cod. 3618
DUOMANS Hand Sanitizer, with access control and shoes disinfection Cod. 29796
DUOMANS Hand Sanitizer with turnstile door, floor mounted Cod. 29795
DUOMANS Hand Sanitizer with turnstile door Cod. 29794
Integrated hygiene station SANICOMPACT PLUS Cod. RA00001410
SANI-PASS © Cod. RC00002600
DUOMANS Hand Sanitizer, with TRUE FACE biometric access control system Cod. RK00000106