Automatic boot washer with 3 brushes


Cod. 27083

Avoids cross-contamination in the food or meat industry through an automatic boot washer. Ensures that contaminants are not transferred from one room to another through the soles of personnel’s boots. The automatic industrial boot washer with 3 rotating brushes performs the washing functions on the sides and sole of a boot at the same time.

The automatic industrial boot washer has 2 vertical rotating brushes and 1 rotating brush for the soles with automatic soap supply (soap tank not included).

shoewasher roser inox stainless washingboots


  • Equipment built in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Automatic operation by means of IP69K photocell.
  • Washing of the sides and sole of the boot by means of automatic rotation of the brushes with water supply and detergent dosage. End of the process when the boot is removed.
  • Solenoid valve for water supply control and proportional mixer for water and detergent (detergent tank not included).
  • Water pressure according to mains
  • Power supply: 400V – 3Ph – 50Hz.

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