Brine injectors – LC 136 / LC 136 DUO-T

Cod. LC 136 / LC 136 DUO-T

OGALSA’s high pressure brine injectors have the ultimate technology in the meat injection industry. It’s high pressure brine injection system sets itself apart from the competitors in the sector due to an hydraulic system that provides an exceptional volumetric control of the brine injection, this brine is sprayed into the meat trough a series of multi-point retractable needles. The machine is fitted with a self-cleaning rotary filter which makes it more efficient and needs less maintenance plus allowing the machine to work 24h non stop. It’s extra large doors allow an easy cleaning and maintenance, plus the plug & spray needles make easy its sterilization and placing. The technology used results in a perfect distribution of the brine inside the meat, which reflects in an homogeneous colour, less shrinkage and a minimum mistreatment of the meat compared to the other injectors available in the market with great strength and low maintenance.

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