OGALSA Brine preparation tanks – PSV 1000

Cod. PSV 1000

The PSV brine preparation system is specifically designed to mix large quantities of dry ingredients. Like most mixers, we use a pump with a venture system at the bottom of the loading hopper to incorporate the dry ingredients into the brine. To improve flow dynamics, we use a throat and 4”. At the core of our system is a high capacity, self-priming centrifugal pump. Our unit is different from other models on the market because it will never become blocked due to viscous brine; it will continue to deliver solids at the same rate. Hopper filling capacity (litres): 42 Pump capacity (m3/h.): 25 Vertical mixer power (Kw): Optional Mixer pump power (Kw): 5,5

inox stainless stainless steel ogalsa st.st brine preparation systems

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