Integrated hygiene station SANIECO PLUS


Cod. RA00002891

The integrated hygiene station Sanieco PLUS has been specially designed to control and guarantee washing and sanitizing of all employees before getting into the plant or before getting into a high risk area. It includes automatic hands wash, automatic rinse, hands drying with paper towel, and hands sanitizing. With Automatic Sole-washer walk through system, with soap dose valve (soap tank not included). A turnstile door will allow access only to those employees that have washed, rinsed and sanitized both hands. Flow of people is one person every eighteen seconds. It has a heavy duty design and performs with superb cleaning results. With compact dimensions that make it very easy to be installed in many different areas of any food processing plant. Designed following the most strict hygiene and safety standards.

shoewasher roser hygiene station hand sanitizer bootwasher

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