SANIECO integrated sanitary pass


Cod. 11742

The integrated hygiene station SANIECO is designed to control and ensure that operators wash and sterilize their hands before entering the factory or a hazardous area. It includes the functions of washing, rinsing and drying hands with disposable paper towel and hand disinfection. For footwear, it includes a basin for footwear disinfection and another basin for wringing out.
The integrated hygiene station SANIECO is a robust, resistant and small-sized equipment, easy to place in any area of the Food Industry and developed with the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

hygiene station bootwasher shoewasher hand sanitizer roser


  • Hygiene station is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Operated by photocells (IP69K) for hand washing and hand disinfection.
  • Process steps: application of soap on hands and then water for rinsing hands in the first bucket. Drying of hands with paper towel, application of disinfectant on hands in the second bucket and disinfection of footwear.
  • Platform with double basin, one for disinfection and the next one for draining.
  • Hand washing and rinsing: automatic soap dosing when the hands are introduced into the bucket, then a jet of water is supplied in the same bucket for rinsing with time control.
  • Hand disinfection: automatic dosing of disinfectant liquid when both hands are introduced into the buckets.
  • Passage rate: 1 person every 18 seconds.
  • Integrated automaton for the control of the functions.
  • With passage control by means of turnstile with manual rotation and return with fixed position, restricting the passage if the hand washing and disinfection of both hands has not been performed.
  • Footwear disinfection basin, platform with grid, capacity of approximately 30 liters of solution with bactericidal action that will come into contact with the soles and lower sides of the boots. Manual filling and level maintenance. Disinfectant dosage by means of a venturi effect dispenser.
  • Power supply: 220V – 1Ph – 50/60Hz.
  • Optional air hand drying with Dyson Airblade “V” equipment Cod. RA00001873.

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