SANI-PASS© Integrated hygiene station with automatic disinfection system


Cod. RC00002600

Ensure that your space is clean and healthy, and protect your clients and employees with the SANI-PASS© integrated hygiene station. This equipment is characterised by a hand gel dispenser for hydroalcoholic dermal disinfection, as well as the integration of shoe sole disinfection, body temperature control, capacity management and disposable glove dispenser as optional elements.
Access control is configurable according to pre-set parameters:
  • Hand disinfection.
  • Temperature control.
  • Mask detection.
  • Facial detection.

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  • Hand disinfection is carried out by means of an automatic application system of hydroalcoholic dermal disinfectant gel.
  • The soles of shoes are disinfected using a blue carpet impregnated with disinfectant solution, incorporating a programmable product renewal system. Second anthracite-coloured carpet for absorbing excess liquid.
  • Estimated FAST-PASS rate: 1 person every 3 seconds.
  • The equipment has a capacity of more than 6000 applications per charge.
  • SANI-PASS© is configurable according to the pre-set configurations.


  • Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • 90 cm wide access, suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • Anti-vandal protection.
  • Disposable glove dispenser.
  • Automatic passage control with hinged access doors, made of 10 mm Security glass with anti-crush system.
  • Process confirmation and insufficient product level by LED indicators.
  • Process control by means of photocells with IP69K protection.
  • Electric power supply : 220V


  • WIFI biometric terminal: Facial recognition, temperature control, mask detection, NFC reader.
  • People counter.

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