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The CATO sausage peeler allows an optimal peel of the sausage cellulose casing leaving no marks to the sausage. The sausage peeler allows to peel up to 2.800 Kg/h of product with a wide range of sizes including little sausages known as cocktail. High quality materials are used to build the machine, with an hygienic anti-bacteria design. The machine has several security systems that prevent the users of being burnt, in addition of energy-saving solutions when the machine is not peeling. • High productivity: up to 2.800 Kg/h • Invisible cut in the product. • Wide range of sausage sizes allowed. • Speed control. • Build under European standards. • Non aggressive drive system • Control and regulation of steam supply. • Automatic vapor lock when there is no product. • Anti-burnt curtain air produced by steam. • Adjust system of the cutting knife that allows manipulation without losing the configuration. • Minimal regulation and adjustment to change blade. • Easy cleaning and general hygienic design. Building materials: 304 and 316Lstainless steel.

Sausage peeler

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