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Cod. PTF Compact

The CATO sausage peeler allows an optimal peel of the sausage cellulose casing leaving no marks to the sausage. The sausage peeler allows to peel up to 2.800 Kg/h of product with a wide range of sizes including little sausages known as cocktail.

Sausage casing removing with robust construction, durable components and 100% hygienic design.

Sausage Peeler


  • Sausage peeling machine build under European standards.
  • Automatic machine for peeling cooked sausages, including cocktail sausages, at high speed.
  • New cutting system with easily adjustable blade.
  • Anti-burnt curtain air produced by steam
  • Product sensor that automatically stops the air and steam when the machine is not working for a while, reducing consumption and lowering the noise level.
  • Adjust system of the cutting knife that allows manipulation without losing the configuration.
  • 0.55kW traction motor with variable speed drive.
  • Easy to adjust and use, ergonomic and easy to clean with almost no maintenance with 180° access for cleaning and sanitising.
  • Low noise level supported by the horizontal chassis.
  • Total power: 0.55kW
  • Cato sausage peeler cover with safety system that stops the machine when it is lifted.
  • Suction module with a reservoir in which the extracted casing is automatically deposited and a 3kW extracted casing suction pump, made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials.



A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)F (mm)G (mm)H (mm)


Dimensions and production capacity:

  • Minimum length: 35mm.
  • Casing diameter: 15 – 35mm.
  • Peeling speed: 35 to 200 m/min (adjustable).
  • Production depends on the size and weight of the sausage, reaching 2,700kg/h under optimum conditions.

Steam system:

  • Connection: 1/2″
  • Steam consumption: 20kg/h (1.7bar pressure).
  • Pressure (recommended): 1.7bar.

Air system:

  • Connection: 3/8”
  • Inlet pressure: 6.9bar.
  • Compressed air consumption: 0.36 m3/min.

Vacuum system:

  • Connection: Ø50mm

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