Stainless steel cabinet for sterilising knives by UV lamp


Cod. 3721

The knife steriliser cabinet with ozone generating UV lamp ensures that the utensils used during the production day are properly sterilised and disinfected. Hygienic design and stainless steel construction to maximise hygiene.

systems for knife disinfection roser inox stainless knife-holder


  • Knife steriliser cabinet made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Storage and sterilisation of knives and tools.
  • Includes magnetic bar for knives and tools and hooks for gloves.
  • Disinfection by ozone generating UVA lamp.
  • Ozone-generating UVA lamp.
  • Configurable timer.
  • Inclined roof to avoid dust accumulation, avoid the accumulation of objects on top and easy cleaning.
  • Power supply: 220V – 1Ph – 50/60Hz

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