Tenderizer/Macerator – Slicer 700

Cod. Slicer 700

For high yields products, tenderizing with blades improves: – Brine absorption and protein extraction. – Increased bonding. – Colour uniformity. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: -Stainless steel construction. -In-feed width: 700 mm. for the 69 model and 500mm. for the 59 model. -Distance between axles can be adjusted. -3 mm. thick blades. -The blade shafts are interchangeable for others with different types of blades, or others made of polyethylene. OPTIONAL: -Polyethylene roller for tenderizing products with skin. -Blades with different types of teeth. -Loading belt to correctly feed the injector (starting from the AP-50 model). -The tenderizer frame is made according to the -collection container to be used.

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