Washing machine for crates TL-335. Capacity: 500 crates/hour

RA00000098 / RA00000138

Cod. 12011 / 12122

MODEL: TL-335 Washing stage: – Recirculating water system. – 63 st. st. nozzles (detachable) – Detachable cover. – Water tank: Capacity 300 l., with filtration system (triple filtrer). – Water heating: Steam or Electricity. Rinsing stage: – Water from the mains, total loss. Transport of crates: – Automatic by stainless steel chain conveyor. – Speed control. – Adjustable height. Capacity: 500 crates/hour. Detergent dose valve, option. Water heating by electrical elements code: 12011. Water heating by steam code: 12122.

washing machines washing for crates roser inox stainless roser stainless steel st.st

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