The top hand disinfection systems

Hand disinfection systems in the food industry are essential to prevent cross-contamination and to keep microorganisms away from food. Frequent hand washing, using the right products, is the best way to ensure food safety and food security.

The importance of hand and footwear disinfection

The two most common vehicles for the transfer of micro-organisms to food are the hands of personnel and the equipment used throughout the manufacturing process. Current food safety regulations place special emphasis on the obligation to comply with measures that reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

Regarding footwear, disinfecting it is an optimal biosecurity measure. Together with hand disinfection systems in the food industry, footwear cleaning actions contribute directly to preventing the spread of microorganisms, in this case capable of surviving on soles for days. Below we offer the best disinfection devices, designed under the strictest safety and hygiene standards.

Hand washing and drying, together with automatic shoe wringing, with SANI COMPACT PLUS


This integrated hygiene station is a guarantee of food safety and hand disinfection, as it features sole washing and final blowing to avoid excess water, automatic soap dosing, automatic rinsing, hand drying with disposable paper towel or Dyson airblade and hand disinfection. Only staff who have passed the hand washing, rinsing and sterilizing stages are allowed through the turnstile-type revolving door.

For additional control, the PLC monitors all stages performed by each operator, so that as soon as one operator completes the washing and rinsing stages, the next can begin washing. The flow rate is one person every 9 seconds.

Ensure washing and sterilization with SANI ECO PLUS

When monitoring and ensuring that operators’ hands are washed and sterilized, a continuous integrated sanitary pass-through such as the SANI ECO PLUS is essential. The device features automatic hand washing and rinsing, hand drying with disposable paper towel and hand disinfection.

In addition, it has continuous hand washing, photocell activation and detergent dosing valve. With a flow rate of one person every 18 seconds, only personnel who have first washed, rinsed and sterilized their hands and footwear can pass through the turnstile-type revolving door.

Hand disinfection, shoe disinfection and passage control with DUOMANS PLUS

The DUOMANS PLUS integrated sanitary step is one of the most widely used hand disinfection systems for the food industry. When both hands are inserted at the same time, the device releases a dose of disinfectant of approximately 1 ml into each hand. Only operators with already disinfected hands can pass through the turnstile door.

DUOMANS PLUS is completed by a continuous automatic floor cleaner with detergent dosing pump. Robust, resistant and small in size, it has easily accessible and removable modular brushes and is easy to position in any area.

Knife disinfection by ozone generator lamp

The INOX knife sterilizer cabinet achieves maximum disinfection thanks to the application of ozone generated by means of a lamp. The chemical properties of this gas cause it to react when it comes into contact with microorganisms, which it safely eliminates.

With side protection and locking system, the INOX knife holder can hold 5 knives, 1 sharpener and 1 mesh glove. It is one of the most advanced devices in hand disinfection systems in the food industry. This is due to its high effectiveness and hygiene guarantee.

Our knife disinfection cabinets together with ROSER knife holders form an excellent tandem to keep our knives always sterilized, safe and non-transferable, the latter by means of an individual lock, which provides excellent control of each operator’s cutting tools.