Integrated hygiene station SANICOMPACT


Cod. 29797

It controls and ensures that operators wash and sterilize their hands before entering the factory or a risk area. The integrated hygiene station Sanicompact has been specially designed by Roser Group to meet the most demanding hygiene and safety protocols for the food, meat and fruit and vegetable industry.


The integrated hygiene station Sanicompact includes the functions of washing, rinsing, drying and disinfection of hands and disinfection of personnel footwear. An integrated system that includes the following hygiene and disinfection phases:


  • Hand washing and rinsing with automatic soap dosing when the hands are introduced into the bucket. Subsequently, a jet of mains water is supplied into the same bucket for rinsing with time control.
  • Hand drying with paper dispenser (optional automatic system).
  • Hand disinfection with automatic dosing of disinfectant liquid when both hands are introduced into the buckets.
  • Sole disinfection by immersion in the platform with double basin, one for disinfection and the next one for draining.


It includes a revolving turnstile-type door that allows access only to personnel who have washed, rinsed and sterilized their hands. When one operator has completed the washing phase, the next operator can begin the hygiene process.

hygiene station bootwasher shoewasher hand sanitizer roser


  • Hygiene station made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Actuated by IP69K photocells for hand washing and hand disinfection.
  • Passage rate of 1 person every 9 seconds.
  • Passage control by means of turnstile with manual rotation and return with fixed position, restricting the passage if the disinfection of both hands has not been performed.
  • Footwear disinfection basin, platform with grid with an approximate capacity of 30 liters of solution with bactericidal action that will come into contact with the soles and lower sides of the boots.
  • Optional hand drying with Dyson Airblade.
  • Power supply: 220V-1Ph-50/60Hz.

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