Modular hygiene station MHS-2


Cod. MHS-2

The modular hygiene station MHS-2 is an optimal hygienic system for personnel control at the entrance and exit of the factory or risk areas. To perform its hygienic function, it combines the automatic continuous sole-washer hygiene station (Cod. RC00000282) with the DUOMANS automatic hand disinfection module with draining basin and control lathe (Cod. RK00000065) to complete the correct disinfection.
Thanks to its small dimensions, the modular hygiene station MHS-2 is easy to place in any area of the food industry, thus facilitating access to workers.

bootwasher shoewasher hand sanitizer roser hygiene station


  • Modular hygiene station made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Actuated by IP69K photocells.
  • Automatic dosing of disinfectant liquid.
  • By introducing both hands at the same time, the machine expels a dose of product on both sides of each hand.
  • With passage control by means of a manually rotating turnstile and return with fixed position, restricting the passage if the disinfection of both hands has not been carried out.
  • Washing of soles by automatic rotation of the brushes with detergent addition and end of process by photocell at the exit of the equipment. Modular brushes easily accessible and removable.
  • Water lost at the bottom with filtering, drain Ø73/70mm.
  • Two Ø200×800 modular brushes with Ø1mm pile (8 modules).
  • Tilting brush access grill allows easy removal of the brush modules for cleaning and maintenance operations.
  • Available with brush length S 800, M 1.200 and L 1.600 mm.
  • Passage rate: 1 person every 3 seconds.
  • Stainless steel FOOD DEFENSE protection for the 10L. disinfectant/soap canister on the sole washer (detergent tank not included).
  • Power supply: 400V – 3Ph – 50Hz.

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