OGALSA single head brine injectors

Cod. SM 30 / SM 60 / MM 104 / MM 104 / LM 136 / LM 168

The new OGALSA injectors have been designed to be integrated into the most modern factories that are being projected. Counting on a studied control system that allows to have an outstanding precision in the product, in addition to an integration with the ERP management systems of the companies, thus having batch traceability for a subsequent analysis.

Its pulverized injection system adjustable both in pressure and in percentage from 10 to 100% allow a homogeneous injection in all types of meat.

All injectors have a self-cleaning rotary filter, remote connection for diagnostics and UP&DOWN system for products with bark as standard.

brine injection machine marinated meat meat flavouring homogeneous brine distribution high pressure Brine injector


  • HMI touch display with keypad for main functions.
  • Router for online diagnostics.
  • Storage of pre-established programs for agile reference changes.
  • UP&DOWN device for products with bark and increased productivity.
  • Retractable needles for products with bone.
  • Independent configuration of heads and conveyor belt advance.
  • Hygienic design hand in hand with the ROSER experience.
  • Hydraulic system with adjustable pressure.
  • Self-cleaning rotary filter for 24h continuous production.


  • Special height head 240mm .
  • Tenderizer head .
  • Integration with ERP .

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